The Holy Alimonies

Given the circumstances of the past few years, I think all of us have had to take the time to get better acquainted with grief, loss, and uncertainty. While that process typically sucks, the point when we gain the strength to cut our losses and move on is a beautiful place. The boozy, alt-country vibes spun forth by The Holy Alimonies on their new EP Campfire Songs for Posers sounds like it was conceived in the hazy, hungover dawn of the day we decide to get our shit together.

From songs like “Claim to Fame” that explore familial reconciliation to the shrugging acceptance of the daily hustle in “You Don’t Say,” primary songwriter and lead vocalist W.B. Simons crafts tunes that are instantly relatable. There is a quiet nobility in the epic highs and crushing lows that make up being alive in the 2020s, and Campfire’s steady thrum of acoustic guitar, chugging percussion, and Simons’ tempered vocals shines a light on that struggle.

All in all, Campfire Songs for Posers is a meditative introspection into our shared struggle of playing against a stacked deck. It’s an album filled with honesty, insight, and positivity in unexpected places.

--Alex Springer


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